One of the most serious violent crimes, just short of murder, is the offense of aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is defined under section 2702 of the Pa criminal code. assault crimes It states that an individual commits this offense if they intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause serious bodily injury under circumstances that manifest as an extreme indifference to the value of human life. This type of assault is much more than what typically takes place during a simple assault case. Past courts have characterized this type of assault as an assault where death was very likely to occur but for whatever reason it did not occur. The circumstances surrounding the assault will determine the penalties for the violation. For example, using a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault will be look at as a mitigating factor when determining the sentence. Prosecutors also look at the individual that was harmed during the assault.

For violent crimes such as aggravated assault, Law enforcement, including prison staff, education personnel such as teachers, and children under the age of 13 are all listed as additional potential victims of the crime. sex crimes Due to the violent and extreme nature of the offense, aggravated assault is a felony of the first degree and with it comes a sentence of up to 20 years incarcerated. One of the most common defenses to a charge of aggravated assault is self defense. Pennsylvania law allows for individuals to use self defense, as long as the response is proportional to the initial threat. For instance, if another individual throws a punch at you, it would not be proportional to take out a firearm and fire at them. Due to the seriousness of the charge, it is important to seek legal representation if you have been charged with aggravated assault. A good defense attorney will look at the particular circumstances of your case and help you build a strong defense. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kelly and Conte are experienced attorneys who will fight to get the best possible outcome given the facts of your particular case.