Sex Crimes Stalking

Pennsylvania law prohibits certain behaviors that would amount to a violation under the stalking and other Sex Crimes statutes. Stalking is defined under section 2709 of the Pa criminal code. The act of stalking is often used to describe the behaviors of ex-partners...

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Sex Crimes Tender years

For victims of a sex crimes, going through the criminal justice system and facing their alleged abuser, can expose them to unwanted feelings that would make them very uncomfortable. This is especially true of child victims. child endangerment In order to help...

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Sex Crimes Prostitution

Sex Crimes such as Prostitution are illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Prostitution is defined under Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes code as a defendant offering, engaging, or agreeing to any sexual acts in exchange for a form of compensation such as...

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Sex Crimes Statutory Sexual Assault

Statutory Sexual Assault is a very serious Sex Crimes charge. It is graded generally as a Felony of the second degree therefore punishable by a maximum of ten years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Now Statutory Sexual Assault may also be graded as a felony of the first...

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Sex Crimes SVP

One of the biggest issues associated with a conviction of sex crimes and and the associated SORNA requirements, is that a defendant can be found to be a sexual violent predator SVP. Child Endangerment Specifically, once a criminal defendant is convicted...

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