How do you spot a shoplifter?

Many stores in Pennsylvania have to deal with shoplifters at one time or another, and the likelihood varies depending on what type of store it is and where it is located. If you own or are working at a retail establishment, it is good to be aware of the signs that...

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Theft Crimes Forgery

One of the more common theft crimes an individual can commit is the act of Forgery. Forgery, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is defined under section 4101 of the Pa criminal code. fraud It states that an individual commits the act of forgery if they do any...

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Theft defrauding secured creditors

Chapter 41 of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code addresses forgery and fraudulent practices and theft offenses. § 4110 of the Pennsylvania General Assembly specifically addresses theft charges such as defrauding secured creditors. A person commits...

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Theft Bad Checks

In Pennsylvania, it is a Theft crime to pass Bad Checks.  Theft Crimes like Bad Checks occur when an accused tries to pass checks as a form of payment. This offense is known as bad checks. Per title 18 section 4105(a)(1) of the Pennsylvania crimes code, a...

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Theft unauthorized use of an automobile

In Pennsylvania, it is a theft crime to use another person's automobile or other vehicles without their consent. This crime is known as unauthorized use of automobiles and is a theft crime.  Unauthorized use of an automobile is also often referred to as...

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Theft: Bribery

Bribery cases and other public corruptions cases such as theft can cause quite a commotion in the media and attract a lot of unwanted attention. Bribery is a type of theft crime and typically involves bribing public officials with large amounts of money or something...

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