Violent Crimes Unlawful Restraint

Violent Crimes such as Unlawful Restraint can have a very serious effect on an accused's future. The crime of Unlawful Restraint is fully explained in section 2902 of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. In order to be found guilty of this crime, the government...

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Violent Crimes Three Strike Law

Pennsylvania has a three strike law which deals with minimum mandatory sentences that must be imposed by a Judge for criminal defendants convicted of committing violent crimes. A minimum mandatory sentence refers to a required sentence that a judge must give a...

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VIolent Crimes gun charges

One of the more serious types of violent crimes that a criminal defendant can be charged with in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the crime of possession of a firearm with altered manufacturer's number. This Gun Crime and charge can be found in title 18 section...

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Violent Crimes Strangulation

In Pennsylvania, it is a crime to cause physical bodily injury to another person.  Crimes such as this are known as Violent Crimes and Strangulation is one of the newest such crimes.  One of these violent crimes that is a crime is known as strangulation....

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What constitutes a violent crime?

Violent crimes are criminal activities that involve a victim. In most cases, the victim is injured in some way or killed during the crime, which is what classifies it as violent. These types of crimes can divided into three high-level categories: sex crimes, crimes...

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Violent Crimes Simple Assault

One of the most common Violent Crimes that occur in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are Violent Crime such as Simple Assault. In terms of Violent Crimes, there are several different types of Simple Assault. One of the least common types of simple assault can be...

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violent crimes harassment

​ ​In Pennsylvania, violent crimes such as harassment resulting from harassing and annoying another person is an offense that is not taken lightly. This violent crimes offense is known as harassment. A person commits the crime of harassment when, with...

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