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West Chester Criminal Defense Law Blog

Criminal Defense Attempt

In Pennsylvania, for Criminal Defense cases, attempting to commit a crime can land you with just as harsh as a punishment as actually committing a crime. A person commits an attempt when, with intent to commit a specific crime, Conspiracy he does any act which constitutes a substantial step toward the commission of that crime. Misapprehension of the circumstances that would have made it impossible for the accused to commit the attempted crime is not a defense to criminal attempt. You are able to use renunciation as a defense.

Does rehabilitation have a place in criminal justice?

People who are charged with crimes face an uncertain future, especially when they know that a conviction is likely. One issue that plagues the criminal justice system is that the focus is placed on punishment and not on rehabilitation. It is very easy to tell someone he or she has a problem, but it is much more difficult to find a solution to help the problem. The issue of punishment or rehab is one that is subject of much debate in the criminal justice system.

Why should rehabilitation matter?

Criminal Defense Conspiracy

In Pennsylvania Criminal Defense case, the charge of conspiracy is taken very seriously. Simply conspiring to commit a crime will earn you just as harsh of a penalty as actually committing the crime. A person is guilty een if he presents a solid Criminal Defense of conspiracy if he agrees to commit a crime with another person or persons with the intent of promoting or facilitating its commission he and agrees with another person that they will commit the crime or an attempt or solicitation to commit the crime; eyewitness identification or agrees to aid such other person or persons in the planning or commission of such crime or of an attempt or solicitation to commit such crime.

The effects of DUI can range from social to criminal

Drunk driving charges have long-lasting effects. These effects aren't necessarily going to end when you successfully complete your court-ordered sentence. The long-term effects include social effects that can make your life very difficult. You have to deal with this on top of the criminal penalties that you have to face.

Your reputation might be affected by the charge. In this case, you might not even need to have a conviction to suffer from the effects. People in society typically won't wait on a conviction before they think negative thoughts. They might hear that you got a drunk driving charge and automatically think negatively of you.

Criminal Defense eyewitness identification

Eyewitness identification in Criminal Defense is one of the major tools that the government uses to put together its case against a criminal defendant. The government in its case before a jury, must be able to prove that it was the accused that committed the crime and not Fraud some other random person. Since eyewitness identification of a defendant is so paramount in criminal cases, the government frequently uses pre-trial lineups as seen in movies such as the Usual Suspects, or pre-trial picture lineups. Pre-trial lineups have come under a lot of scrutiny recently as a result of being unduly suggestive and occasionally tainted.

Sex Crimes Investogations

One of the worst things that can happen to an individual is to become the subject of a Sex Crimes Investigation. Law enforcement might open a Sex Crimes investigation on an individual for several reasons. A Sex Crimes investigation can be opened in order for the police to investigate someone for the charges of Indecent Assault, Rape, institutional sex assault Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, the Possession of Child Pornography or a myriad of other reasons. The most important thing to keep in mind if you are a subject of such an investigation, is that you have the right to not only speak with a Rape Criminal Attorney, but also to hire one even before you are charged.

What constitutes a violent crime?

Violent crimes are criminal activities that involve a victim. In most cases, the victim is injured in some way or killed during the crime, which is what classifies it as violent. These types of crimes can divided into three high-level categories: sex crimes, crimes against the person and murder.

Murder is fairly straightforward insomuch as it means someone has died as a result of the criminal actions. That's where the simplicity ends, though; murder and manslaughter charges come with a variety of levels and types. The exact charge and the factors involved in the crime can all play a role in sentencing should you be convicted of murder. Involuntary manslaughter, for example, often comes with less of a penalty than first-degree homicide.

Bad Act Evidence

Bad Act Evidence is something that has been very relevant in Pennsylvania criminal law recently. Specifically, this is true in the case of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Bill Cosby. In that case the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office is attempting to bring in Bad Act Evidence against Bill Cosby in order to show that he sexually assaulted the alleged victim. The government in that case attempted to bring in evidence that Cosby sexually assaulted more than a dozen Evidence other women in addition to the alleged victim that he is accused of sexually assaulting. The government tried to bring in this evidence of Cosby's alleged other crimes, in an attempt to show that he had the same motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, absence of mistake, or lack of accident

Violent Crimes Stalking

Violent crimes such as stalking are very serious. An accused or individual suspected of committing such a crime should immediately attempt to retain or speak with an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer. In order to be found guilty of violent crimes such as stalking, the government must prove the following elements beyond a assault crimes reasonable doubt.

a) first that the accused engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts toward a person, such as following the person under circumstances which demonstrate an intent to place such other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or in an attempt to cause substantial emotional distress to another person; or

b) repeatedly communicates to another person under circumstances which demonstrate an intent to place this other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or to cause substantial emotional distress to this other person.

Know the options in drug cases and how they affect you

We recently discussed the various drug classifications that can have an impact on criminal charges that are levied against a person. This is important information because some drugs have harsher penalties associated with them. What the drug classification doesn't change is the need to fight back against the charges.

All drug cases have one thing in common -- your defense has to be tailored to the circumstances of your case. We know that your life is hanging in the balance so you have a lot at stake with your case. We are to guide you through the criminal justice process.

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