Compassionate Legal Guidance For Crime Victims

Crimes don't happen in a vacuum. They have a big impact on the lives of victims and their families.

As a crime victim, you may be suffering from lasting physical, emotional and psychological harm. You might also be shouldering financial burdens as a result of what you've endured. For example, perhaps you've had to seek therapy, change schools, quit your job, relocate to a different neighborhood or retake classes.

Criminal Versus Civil Justice

While the criminal justice system plays an indispensable role in our society, it doesn't always fully address the concerns of victims. The system is primarily geared toward protecting the rights of the accused. Because the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, criminal investigations might not always lead to charges. And even cases that result in charges could eventually end in dismissal or acquittal.

Fortunately, regardless of the outcome of any criminal case, you may still have strong grounds for pursuing justice through a civil claim. These claims don't involve the high "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard required in criminal cases. While they might not land the perpetrator in jail, they can help you secure accountability, compensation and closure.

Get The Help You Need

At the Law Offices of Kelly & Conte, our lawyers provide compassionate representation for victims of all types of crime and mistreatment, including:

Because our legal team includes former prosecutors, we have a unique grasp on the overlap between Pennsylvania criminal and civil law. We can provide the comprehensive guidance you deserve during this difficult time.

Our attorneys respect your privacy and confidentiality, and we will handle your case with the utmost of discretion.

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